Testimonial Andrew Cassels

"Having played in the NHL for 16 seasons, I know how imperative it is to be a great skater. I have had the fortunate opportunity to meet John Dillon and have had the honor of watching him work with my son. Now that I am retired and my 15 year old son is preparing to start a path toward a career in hockey, I have decided that John is a necessity for my son to become a better skater. The passion that John shows during on and off-ice sessions is indescribable, and the knowledge that he shares with my son is intricate yet simplified for his understanding. He is enormously gifted in coaching, and the improvements that my son has displayed in his skating is a clear example of those gifts. I would highly recommend John Dillon's Power Skating to anyone at any age and at any level. John will truly make a difference in anyone's skating with whatever skills they are trying to accomplish."

Montreal Canadians 1989-1991
Hartford Whalers 1991-1997
Calgary Flames 1997-1999
Vancouver Canucks 1999-2002
Columbus Blue Jackets 2002-2005
Washington Capitals 2005-2006

Testimonial Tim Sheehy

"Having played the game at a high level, I've always felt that skating was the most important skill in the game of hockey. Luckily, at the age of 13, my high school hockey coach put me in touch with a skating coach who taught me the skating techniques that would take me to the college ranks, the Olympics and the NHL. Now, as an NHLPA certified hockey agent, I have referred several players to John Dillon so they will obtain the proper skills that will one day help them fulfill their dreams of making it to the National Hockey League. In the new NHL, you must be able to skate. Learning the proper technique at an early age is vitally important and allows one to skate with a fluid motion while using less energy. John Dillon can teach you the skills required to enjoy much success in the game."

Captain of the 1972 Olympic Silver Medal Hockey Team,
United States Hockey Hall of Fame 1997
NHL Agent

Testimonial Tom Poti

"As an NHL player, entering my 10th season, I know skating is the most essential skill you can acquire. It is imperative you develop a strong skating foundation. John Dillon is easily the premier hockey skating instructor in central Mass. He is professional and has an intense passion for teaching. Working with John will enable you to enhance your overall skating ability. You will improve your technique, agility, acceleration, speed, balance, edges, etc. John is excellent at noticing mistakes and faults and knows how to correct them. More importantly he will demonstrate and show you clearly and concisely the proper way to do it. Believe me, learning to skate correctly is very hard and takes hours and hours of instruction and practice. John will show you many excellent drills to improve your skills. The rest is up to you. You have to do these drills over and over. There is no secret formula. You have to have a love for the game of hockey and strong commitment and determination to improve. I highly recommend John Dillon's Explosive Power Skating & Hockey School. He is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and has a high expectancy of performance. This will be your vehicle to become a better skater."

Washington Capitals

Testimonial Greg Gilbert

"As we all know, the game of hockey is first and foremost about skating. The better balance, the better agility, the better opportunity you have of becoming the player / skater you want to be. John Dillon has been through the process of learning, practicing and teaching what it takes to be a top professional in this field. I was fortunate to have been able to enroll my son in one of John's programs and saw marked improvement in his abilities."

Head Coach, Worcester IceCats AHL 1996-2000
Head Coach, Calgary Flames NHL 2001-2003
Head Coach, Toronto Marlies AHL 2007 - 2008

Testimonial Russ Bigwood

"...Having attended many skating schools, I know of no one in this area that provides finer skating instruction than John Dillon...John will teach you how to perform the drill correctly and will provide immediate correction and feedback as the drills are being performed. He can explain things like how to position the body, where the weight should be distributed on the skates, and when to shift the weight. While there are plenty of great skaters that run skating clinics, John is not only a great skater, but also a great teacher..."

Head Coach - ’92 Minuteman Flames

Above is an excerpt from a letter received from Russ Bigwood.
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Testimonial L. M. Celli Sarasin

"Not only has John Dillon and his staff been extremely professional in terms of hockey knowledge and skills, but I have been very impressed with John's level of interaction with the children. As an educator myself for twenty-four (24) years, I understand the importance of positive interactions with children when working with them. John is always encouraging, offers positive feedback, uses appropriate language, and offers modeling techniques which children can relate to. In the world of education these strategies go a long way in the teaching and learning process..."

Director of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment
and Professional Development

Above is an excerpt from a letter received from Lynne M. Celli Sarasin, Ph.D..
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Testimonial T. Jordan

My son has been skating with the John Dillon Power Skating and Hockey School since he was six years old. Their expertise in identifying talent and developing potential is extraordinary. The school's teaching style combining skill and positive reinforcement maximizes ability and self-esteem. We appreciate this technique, but most importantly, that our son enjoys developing his skills.

We plan to be with them for a long time.


Testimonial Dan Gauvin

"...One year later we found the John Dillon program which is the absolute best program I have ever experienced because:

  • You have a low player to coach ratio
  • All coaches are trained in coaching skills
  • All coaches continuously observe each individual and correct bad habits and poor execution of drills
  • You offer camps that run on a weekly basis which offers continuous learning and muscle/memory retention
  • You care about making each child the best that they can be!
  • You and your staff are awesome! You run a professional "best in class" program and we look forward to continually working with you in the future.

Templeton, MA

Testimonial Eric Czech

"Noah had a goal to make his high school varsity team this year as a freshmen. There were a lot of factors working against that goal as you can imagine. What he had in his corner was his training from you and your coaches. Ultimately, there were no amount of obstacles that this wasn’t going to overcome and he was the only freshmen (and one of only a handful of underclassmen in total) to make the team. He couldn’t have accomplished this without you and your coaches. I just wanted to pass on my thanks and thanks from Noah."

Eric Czech

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